“We are committed to realizing our common vision of the Information Society for ourselves and for future generations. We recognize that young people are the future workforce and leading creators and earliest adopters of ICTs. They must therefore be empowered as learners, developers, contributors, entrepreneurs and decision makers……” -- Section 11 of the WSIS declaration of Principles

  • Preparing youth for international leadership challenges and creating awareness for the new leadership paradigm;
  • X-raying international meetings opportunities, challenges and required preparation
  • Incorporating Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in everyday activities in meeting national, regional and international needs;
  • Networking your way to greatness through guided passion and the opportunities ICTs offer;
  • Defining strategies towards bridging the Digital Divide among people-groups and nations;
  • Training youth to be independent in their course of engagements and how they can benefit from innovative personal development;
  • Encouraging the self-simulation of a conducive environment that is conducive for youth empowerment and development;
  • To encourage the interest of young people towards Nigeria and Africa , to engage the new factors of production knowledge and technology;
  • To secure the future of Nigeria through appropriate and strategic positioning within the sphere of the Information Society; and
  • Creating an environment for intellectual engagement towards action.