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About Us

Peer eNeRGy is the pronunciation of the acronym PNRG, which stands for Personal Development, Nation Building, Regional Cooperation and Global Participation.

Peer eNeRGy was conceived as a platform for youths to be trained in the four stages of development contained in the acronym and afterwards mentored and guided to implement or complement a tangible and value-adding project in their community.

Evolving from a developing country, the Peer eNeRGy concept was to redress the trend where many young people graduate (or generally move on in life) as “still births” – dead on delivery, unable to cope with the expectations of the New Economy, and as green horns joining the mass labour market at the mercy of employers.

Peer eNeRGy started as a youth-led, for youth project. It is a platform to implement value adding projects in its base country, Nigeria and Africa as a whole and also to prepare a new generation of youths to participate meaningfully in on-going and emerging global processes.

The capacity building aspect of Peer eNeRGy has been held twice in Nigeria in December 2005 and August 2006. Reports available in the History column

Our Intervention
Our intervention shall be to continue to engage in research leading to the implementation of MDG projects. We will continue to use education and ICT to empower people and build marketable skills into them. We will also collaborate with an organisation that can complement our activities in fulfilment of the 8th goal of the MDG.

We are committed to realizing our common vision of the Information Society for ourselves and for future generations. We recognize that young people are the future workforce and leading creators and earliest adopters of ICTs.

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First Edition - 20th Dec. 2005, Lagos Travel Inn
The first edition of Peer eNeRGy was held on the 20th of December 2005 at the Lagos Travel Inn, Ikeja, Lagos.

The Chief Facilitator for the day, Gbenga Sesan, was supported by Tope Soremi of the Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) and 'Gbenga Adeyemo, the Program Coordinator as co-facilitators in delivering the modules of the workshop and other life-skills.

Below are some of the feedbacks from the participants:

I discovered at this meeting that I need self-examination. This made me know that I have a lot to discover about myself. A lot of work to be done by January 2006. Next December, I’ll be way off this point -
Vera Oguntonade.

My expectation was met. The presentation need not to be limited only to the youth leaders alone but also the youths in Diaspora -
Samuel Adeneye

The presentation quality was high. It was a great training session but it will be better if it was a 3-day training for better impact and evaluation -
Pascal Smith

I just believe this is the generation that is bringing about a change in our world. So continue the good work -
Ephraim Aimuemojie

Next year, please I want you to try and invite people from West Africa and probably outside Africa -
Raphael Adesiyan

I believe the content is of high qualityI believe the idea is very good... can not place financial value on the workshop -
Ewajesu Asala

It is great being here. I thought I talk, he talks and he talks senses coupled with intelligence. Keeping this pool of zealous youths through mails and other possible contacts and occasional meetings like this will keep the fire burning. -
Deji Odusote

I simply want to say I am happy to be here and I thank God for your lives -
Remi Ogunkoya

The content was okay. You can follow-up on this by going to higher institutions and organizing workshops especially for those in computer/electrical/physics departments -
Seun Omodayo
Second Edition
Coming soon!!!

Capacity Building

Our starting point has been and will continue to be capacity building. Our focus in this area is to raise the level of self-awareness and develop the leadership skills of youths. We will also show them how to make use of this training in their immediate community and beyond.

Millennium Development Goal

2007 marks the middle of the set deadline for the actualization of the MDG and present an opportunity for us to reflect on achievements so far and strategize on future plans.

  Youth’s Involvement in the Internet Governance Process

The internet, no doubt, has changed our lives and the way we live today. From a project conceived to aid defence communication, the Internet has become a mechanism upon which billions of dollars businesses thrive. It is therefore not a surprise that issues concerning its governance will continue to generate a lot of interest as was witnessed at the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS).

The WSIS concluded with a call on the United Nations Secretary General to convey a forum for the discussion of the governance issues of the Internet. The first of such forum was held in Greece in 2006 while others are planned for Brazil in 2007, India in 2008, Egypt in 2009 while the Governments of Lithuania and Azerbaijan made a bid for the 2010 meeting.

 The Youth Caucus was very active during WSIS. Paragraph 11 of the WSIS Declaration of Principles reads “We are committed to realizing our common vision of the Information Society for ourselves and for future generations. We recognize that young people are the future workforce and leading creators and earliest adopters of ICTs. They must therefore be empowered as learners, developers, contributors, entrepreneurs and decision-makers. We must focus especially on young people who have not yet been able to benefit fully from the opportunities provided by ICTs. We are also committed to ensuring that the development of ICT applications and operation of services respects the rights of children as well as their protection and well-being.”

Thus, an effort to determine the future

of and other issues related to the governance of the internet must take the inputs of youths and incorporate them as strategic partners in the consultative process.


Peer eNeRGy’s intervention in this regard will be to align with the global process, engage in research on the subject, focus on its emerging issues, build the capacities of youths on the subject, making sure they understand its issues and also give them a platform to contribute to the process.


This shall be done through a mix of physical and online events and activities and also by collaborating with experts and other youths working on this subject.

Gbenga Adeyemo

'Gbenga Adeymo

National Program Coordinator

Peer eNeRGy

Blog: http://gbengadeyemo.blogspot.com

email address: gadeyemo@theiet.org

Mobile: +234 805 747 0562

Ayodeji Odusote

Ayodeji Odusote

National ICT Director

Peer eNeRGy

Blog: http://dejiodusote.blogspot.com

email address: chief_odusote@yahoo.co.uk

Mobile: +234 805 713 0899

Ewajesu Asala

Ewajesu Asala


Peer eNeRGy

Blog: not available now

email address: asalaewajesu@gmail.com

Mobile: +234 80* *** ****

Gbenga Sesan is a social entrepreneur and Information Society researcher, and he was Nigeria's first Information Technology Youth Ambassador. He is quick to express passionate... more

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN), which started in 2001 as on online volunteer team with the main objective of connecting Nigerian youths with ICT opportunities, is a social enterprise seeking to help deliver ICT for socio-economic opportunities in Nigeria. more

The next edition of the Peer eNeRGy Training comes up on the 27th October 2007 at the Delta State University, Abraka.

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